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WP Social Traffic review

WP Social Traffic review

WP Social Traffic Overview

Product name: WP Social Traffic
Product Creator: Ankur Shukla
Front-End Price: $27
Official site : WP Social Traffic
Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet, Marketing Online is becoming more and more important to any business. So today, I am going to make a review in which I recommend you a software quite new but cost-effective in increasing your social traffic- WP Social Traffic.


What is WP Social Traffic all about ?

      WP Social Traffic is a brand new software of Ankur Shukla which gets you 100% REAL – AUTOPILOT TRAFFIC From Facebook to Any WordPress Site. Let’s image! What if you could just log into your WordPress site, the press just ONE BUTTON and thousands and thousands of visitors would start visiting your site AUTOMATICALLY? That is exactly what you will do with WP Social Traffic.
The software connects with niche communities and fanpages on Facebook, shares your content with them automatically and engages with them to DRIVE them back to your site. Especially, you’ll never have to pay for traffic ever again.
What is SPECIAL about WP Social Traffic?
The software is really amazing for any online marketer with many features:
[+] One-Click Software Gets REAL Traffic to Any WP Site!
[+] Get Targeted Traffic from Facebook – without any ads.
[+] 100% AUTOPILOT – Set & Forget software, just press one button & get real traffic.
[+] Fully Newbie Friendly – click a button & you get traffic.
[+] Full Control over how your posts look on Facebook – Preview & Customize.
[+] Get Traffic from the most popular & active fanpages & communities on Facebook.
[+] Use Custom Spintax for your posts and comments – make your posts look more natural.

How to use WP Social Traffic?
As mentioned before, it is really easy for anyone to use the software. All you need are:
1. After having WP Social Traffic set up and installed, what you have to do is to go inside your WordPress site and pick what piece of content you want to promote.After that, you will see an EDIT POST containing the content or short review of your products. EDIT POST allows you to change form letters or anything related to your content if you wish to. And below is the FACEBOOK PREVIEW which has been created by WP social traffic. This preview enables you to create special Facebook posts that will promote your WordPress post or page all over facebook and get you genuine free traffic.
You can also change your CUSTOM TITLE FOR FACEBOOK and CUSTOM IMAGE LINK FOR FACEBOOK here. Therefore, it is sure that you control totally everything before the post is uploaded.


2. Click the button “GET ME TRAFFIC” to start getting traffic to that post.It is going to publish your post to Facebook and scheduled for promotion.
Once it has been scheduled for promotion, WP Social Traffic will get to work on complete autopilot.
So how does WP Social Traffic work exactly?When you click the “GET ME TRAFFIC” button, the first thing that WP Social Traffic did was creating a Facebook post. If we go for it to Facebook, you’ll see that post. You then go and click on the post, it will drives you right back to the post that we created on our WordPress site. So what WP social traffic is going to do to get this real genuine Facebook traffic to our post is that it’s going to take this post is created on Facebook and share this post all over other relevant Facebook pages related to your key words. It is going to do that automatically for us and for free.

How does WP Social Traffic know which pages to share this post on?
     With WP Social Traffic, you can go into “FIND PAGES” section. It enables you to put in 3 different key words. Once you click the button “FILTER PAGES”, the software starts finding popular pages related to those keywords and your niche as well. After that, you are presented with thousands and thousands of different pages on Facebook. With their some information such as NAME, ID, TALKING ABOUT, you just simply choose which pages you want your post to be promoted to by clicking “On/Off” button in “ENGAGE” section. Finally, your post starts getting more view.

That is just some of my REVIEW about WP Social Traffic. I believe that WP Social Traffic is the software all online marketer need, especially for those who start doing business.


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