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Prospectrr review

PROSPECTRR – All the feature

Prospectrr is one of the useful tools for online business. It is a software that supports you to find the wishes of the customers and then provide them with the things they need. You will be able to find potential consumers too.

What are typical features of prospectrr? First of all, you can find HOTTEST Prospects in minutes. Just by clicking, you will know exactly customer’s demand and who need your products immediately. Thus, your precious time and money will be saved a lot. Secondly, it allows you to contact all the leads with the Prospectrr Campaign builder. You can contact with a large number of consumers at the same time instead of keeping in touch with one by one. It is a fast and convenient way. Also you can run a campaign, and then send it out to other businesses. After that you just need to wait for a reply from them.

          Prospectrr is not too difficult to use. Firstly, you need to log into prospectrr. Next, you can enter a key phrase or a URL in a box, it is about what you are looking for. Then typing in the location, which country you want to prospect. After this step, you will have some advanced options, so what you can do is you can basically set a radius around the search. You may automatically retrieve the who is record in the WHOIS record, a lot of businesses information will be shown. You can retrieve their Alexa rank or go into a deep analysis mode, this will analyze h1 tags and heading tags the page size. Just turn it on and you will get a deep analysis .You need to set the page timeout. This is the homologous going to wait for each page to load. The canals do the max prospecting depth. This is about how many websites going to check.

It’s possible to exclude common directories and social sites if you want you can put those domains in there. After finishing setting, what you need to do is clicking “ begin”, it starts crawling and it takes about 60 seconds. A list of results will appear. There’s a little bludgeon down. This is whether it found an email address, a video on page or not, also about the quality of that video on Youtube. Based on these results, you may know who fit your service and then you could prospect. Now clicking on export settings, if you turn on email contacts, then when you start a campaign, you can send email to everybody at the same time. In case that you just want to send an email to businesses that have a video and bedded on their website, turn on embedded video. If you want to prospect businesses that don’t have videos, so you can prospect them for short videos or long videos or low resolution ones.

When you choose no video link or embedded, this means you email to all businesses that don’t have any video or any embedded video links. By choosing broken video, Facebook page and Twitter handle, you will send email to businesses that have those social media. You can actually export these leads into a CSV and upload them wherever you want or you can actually do the emailing and start the campaign. In your mail campaign, you can set whatever subject you want. Then you need enter your message at least 200 characters. Let’s move on the next step. You will set whether you want this to track or not. If you choose using tracking pixel, it will tell you every single time businesses open their email. And finally, your campaign has been scheduled, and email will be sent out.

In general, Prospectrr is the most powerful tool that helps you prospect everything and gets clients. You should take into consideration to use it as soon as possible.


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