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Product Dyno review

    The fundamental importance of any business is making profits and climb them up. But it is not easy for anyone. Actually, There is a software can promote and advertise your own products. If you sell any content or any digital product, this software will be the best. With 100’s incredible features ProductDyno will help you maximize your own profits. I will show you my amazing experience that I’ve had with ProductDyno and see how it helps me a lot. 

What Product Dyno really is?

    Product Dyno is a delivery system for digital content. If you possess contents or digital products and you need to license and protect that products or you want to deliver free content. There is no other recommendation!
What are the features of ProductDyno?
– Unlimited Clients: You can have a million customers or more than that with only one account and sell any quality of products. There is no limited range of clients.
– Unlimited downloads: Your digital contents, your e-book, training or any kind of your products won’t be restricted on how much times they will be downloaded.
– Unlimited products: You can protect and control all your recent and future products under a powerful dashboard by choosing the unlimited account plan.
– Amazing Integrations: You can have an amazing integration because of Productdyno supply unbroken payment platforms, autoresponder/email administrations to web hooks and Zapier integration.
– Futureproof development: Customers can be assured of their value and we always extend your customers by upgrade and growth ongoing platform.
– User management: With your hard work, everything will be ready for you target, you can get the amount of profit as much as your attempt. We will ensure about orders, purchases, and bounty much more noticeable.
– Fully automated system: Different business undertaking will save your time by robotized authorizing with organizing your item conveyance and buyer framework.
– Delivers access email: Your customers will enjoy the most convenient because they will receive get enroll to credentials without delay in the 2nd purchase.
– Revoke product access: Discourage a number of refunders and save for your “computerized privateers” from approaching your stock by just a clicking your mouse.
– Email and Autoresponder integrations: Facts of your customers will be added to your email marketing carrier mechanically.

ProductDyno - Sell Digital Products Online

How does Product Dyno work?

– If you first log in to the ProductDyno, you will note that we see a list of product. If you want to create a new one, you can simply duplicate click to set up a new one or you can click Create product button in the top right, now you will start to give it a new name.
We will see the product dashboard and start with the domain and access section. This is where we will set up where we want the product to be and how our customers will access it online. You can set up a custom domain but you need to figure something out on your site. You can create it as paid product, public product or free product. When you save your product, the access URLs will change accordingly.
– Then we will come back to the product manage page and look at the content, recently, you have already had some sections and subsections set up, you can drag and drop these around. You can edit or even delete them all and start a new one. You can change everything so you should notice that these will be the content of pages. You can add videos, audios, images or text, you can also set up each section or subsection to have drip content and upload supporting files.
– Come back to your product dashboard to the customize section. This the where you can change the theme, add a logo and customize everything that you want. You will notice the email tab, this is where you can customize the email and send to your customers immediately after they make a purchase or when they lose a password or even after their accessors revote for whatever reason.
Going back to manage product, the next thing is the payment gateways, just click at the payment gateways, choose a title from a wide list of payment gateways and then fill the information you need from your gateway.
     Now let’s talk about integrations with other types of platforms. If you go into integration tab, you will see that we can set up product with marketing email services, transactional email, you can add their own S3 and FTP accounts to secure files. More over, you can set up web books and that actually fire anytime when something happens inside of your account.
– You can set inside the global integration section. You will add your active campaign account under marketing email, just clicking at marketing email integration, choose active campaign from growing list of email service providers. After fill full information, going back to test your product and add it under integrations. Whenever anyone purchases your product, they will go straight to your auto responder.
I have just shown you a small portion of what you can do with products. You can have collection builder that allows you to build out full brands with multiple products, bonuses and so much more.


Pros and cons of ProductDyno:
– The simple interface for using. You can use as fast as you can without training.
– You can manage your product and your customers easily
– Useful features: You can set up content, integration, expiry date and so much more with Zapier.
– You can have license management for this software.
– You still need WordPress website or page builder but I think it is basic so this is not a big deal.
Thank you for reading my Product Dyno review. Hope you will find out some useful tips for you.

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