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Press Label Review

Press Label review

Press Label is a piece of WordPress software, created by Neil Naper and Yassir Ennazk. This plugin has just been introduced to the market as a solution for better WordPress management for website owners and developers. If you own a website that is being accessed by clients or other team members, this is the plugin that can help you minimize the risks of the website being breached. Furthermore, it can rebrand your WordPress admin area to according to your needs and preferences.

Press Label review

The General Idea

WordPress is one of the most-hacked platforms. If you have intellectual property placed on a website, you might want to make sure that your data is well protected.

Press Label is a solution for that. While so many people only focus on what their website’s front looks like, the other important sides of maintaining a website platform get neglected. Press Label was designed to take care of the backend for you, making it less accessible to internet hackers and more personalized.

This plugin optimizes your website’s backend area. It also lets you adjust your menus and navigation properties, so that only people who are allowed to use them, have that ability. This software enables you to easily assign and modify admin roles to other site users.

Apart from the focus on website’s security, Press Label has features which enable you to display your branding in the WordPress panel, which makes the website managing experience much more unique to you and your team.

Moreover, you get the ability to create your own login pages, change colour schemes, export WordPress setup, and many more useful capabilities.

Who Is Press Label For?

Anyone and everyone who have a website with WordPress can benefit from the extra security features and enjoy the ability to customize their backend to personal liking.

This product is especially targeted to those who have different users able to login to the admin panel. Press Label is ideal for those who run their business with the help of a WP powered site. But ultimately, the various benefits of this plugin can be useful to website owners of all levels.

The installation of Press Label software is as easy as any other plugin suitable for WordPress. As soon as you activate the plugin, it is ready for use.

One of the best features of this software is the ability to change your panel design. You can change the original dark grey colour scheme into what represents your brand, add your logo, and make the overall look much sleeker and original. Your clients will not have any idea you are using WordPress. The plugin has 8 different dashboard designs to choose from, which are all well developed, modern, and attractive to the eye.


The second great thing about Press Label is it can help you simplify the navigation and re-organize or hide the menu items that you specify. How many times have you gotten lost in your WordPress sidebar full of plugins and items that aren’t necessarily often used? This is a great way to make your admin panel more straightforward to navigate, especially when you have other people accessing it. The cluttered look can result in looking unprofessional, and that’s not what you want.

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Creating your own login page also adds to the overall look and helps with the great brand identity. Just like with your dashboard, you can choose from different colours, add a logo, and make the login page better reflect your website’s design.


WhiteLabel is the feature of Press Label that can be the most important to many users. It allows you to control your websites even after they have been sold. This is how you can set up what capabilities each user has. You have unlimited options: make a selected user (or even everyone) an admin, decide who can and cannot edit the site, who can create new posts and more functionalities like that. This is what can really help you in managing an online business and prevent any unexpected intrusion or unwanted changes.


Press Label-Pros, Cons, And Conclusion

The plugin obviously adds great value and has huge potential. The enhanced control capabilities, ease of using the interface, and brand identity are important to any online entrepreneur. This solution helps you in all these areas.

Disadvantages? Some of the features may seem to have certain limits depending on user’s particular preferences. For example, the product offers 8 different dashboard themes to select from. Although generally they are all well designed and the variety is good, some users may want a different style.

Overall, there aren’t many bad things to say about Press Label. It is genuinely a good product which serves more than one important purpose. In the world full of security breaches, Press Label plugin can help to make your site safer, easier to use, and more original.


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