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Mobimatic review

Mobimatic. It is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop mobile app builder. If you are looking for more information about this product, this is the right place for you. Read through my honest review about this product and you will see all what you need here.
First, let’s have a quick look at the most basic information about Mobimatic.
Vendor: Jon Bowtell
Product: Mobimatic
Launch Date: 2016-Nov-9
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Niche: General

What is Mobimatic?

In the short term, Mobimatic is a visual mobile app design platform. All you need to do to create a customized mobile app is just drag and drop. This is the most convenient and helpful tool that assists you in making your own app easily.
This app is really what many people need. Nowadays, young people are getting tired of using the apps that others make because they can do nothing to change what they want. So there is a new trend that people create apps by their own and even sell them on apps stores.
What is unique about Mobimatic?
– Assistance in all kinds of app creation: Build WordPress Apps, Affiliate Apps, Music Apps, Community Apps, Local Business Apps and even apps for restaurants or hotels booking. What a wonderful tool to build up all types of apps with just several clicks.
– Easy to use: All you need to make an app is there available in Mobimatic. Just imagine what your apps should look like, drag, drop and see your brainchild. There is no need to have professional knowledge of coding and designing. So don’t worry if you are a newbie in this field.
– 24/7 online support: for those who have barely any knowledge in programming, professional advice is always necessary. That is why the online support team is here for you all day. If you have any problems, just raise your voice and they will help you.

How to use Mobimatic?

So how exactly can we create fabulous apps with Mobimatic?
1. Step 1: Log in:
The first step is to create an account and log in it. Lie there in front of you are many features.
2. Step 2:
Click on “Create a new application” and type a name for your app.
3. Step 3:
Then you are on a site with 2 windows. The first one is to help you design apps with many options on templates and more. The second one shows you the interface of the apps on an actual mobile phone.
– Layout: you can see the line Choose your template. Click on it and select what form you like your app to be in. This is the most general overview of your app.
– Colors: what colors your app should be in is all up to you. Just choose your favorite color. Or you can even mix many colors up.
– Pages: over the last few days, there are at least 3 options for you: booking, date note and code scan. For example, your clients need to have code to get discounts in Apple, then your app is extremely useful. But your apps can have more features together than that.
– You click on Features settings, chooser your name and click Activated. You can rename the page later if you like. Then you add card, fill in card name. Then you choose the number of people and the reward you want to give to them. Then you decide how many one point in your app equals to. You can choose to use only once for your clients or give them more chances. It is up to you to define your apps. Then click OK and you can see your app on the small mobile window.
– If you want to have other people enter your app, go to My password and fill in Employee’s name and Employee’s password. Then that person will get access to your app.
– Contest: it is in conjunction with the app. It shows your ranking. For example, you can know who use the app to do something the most this month. And the winner can be rewarded an extra gift from you. Now you choose the page name and keep it activated. You choose the game name and its period. You can have it last one week one month or longer. Then click OK.
– Manage: how to manage that the clients can see their ranking in their app? You just need to click Manage and there will be a box in which all the information about the game lies. Then edit it as you like. Now your clients who are in the contest can see their rank against others. This boosts interpersonal competition.
4. Step 4: Publish
Now it is high time for your app to be launched. Get your final product viral by choosing “Settings” on the left column and click which niche you want to post. You can post in on Facebook, for example. Or Twitter is also a good choice to PR your product.
And that’s it. This is all the steps you have to go through before your app is born. So easy, right? This app is created for even the beginners. So don’t worry if you are not really confident about your programming skils.

Why should you buy it?

– Make your own apps: if you are a creative person. You have a lot of ideas in your head but have no ways to pour it out. You are sick to death of using others’ apps. Then Mobimatic is the one for you. Let’s use it to make your products in a way that you like.

– Make money: in addition to using your own apps, you can also you’re your money from it. If your app is good easy to use, why don’t you sell it to others who need? In this ways, you will have a lucrative business.
So stop hesitating anymore and click Buy Now. A brand new world is waiting for you.


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