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Flip That App 2.0 review

I’ve been helping make money online for a long time now.Many years ago, in the nineties, people made a ton of
cash by flipping websites. Today, something much, much easier (and much more lucrative) is happening.

I rarely see a trend that seems like a true “no brainer.”But when I do, I share it with everyone I know.Today, I came across such a trend, and I want to show you how anyone – even you – can turn it into a passive income stream. This trend reminds me a lot of the dot-com boom, because of the amount of excitement that it’s generating every day.It is turning regular people into millionaires with an unprecedented speed. That is why I look to Flip That App, The following is my detail review!

Flip That App 2.0-What is it?

Everybody loves mobile apps. People download mobile apps that are fun or that make their life easier. Now, YOU can build apps, despite the fact that don’t know programming, designing or anything else that’s technical. There’s a system that allows you to build apps using an easy-to-use point and click software. It works from inside your browser, so no requirement to install anything.

The system works on both Macs and PCs, and it lets you publish to one of the 4 major app platforms: Google,  Amazon, Android, and Apple.

FLIP THAT APP is a 2-hour video course, plus a web-based software app by SeattleCloud™ (which is a highly prestigious software development company, and it is not cheap; They’re their exclusive White Label Rights holders
SeattleCloud™ brand is the best. Satish Gaire ( Author of Flip That App) , hold their unlimited White Label Rights package, which means He have exclusive authorization to you amazing app building tool, plus ZERO-BS video course on how to use it to profit.
It doesn’t require any of the traditional methods of online marketing that millions of people FAIL at, such as:

  •  Ever-changing SEO and link building
  • Spammy list building or “email marketing”
  • Weird CPA links or affiliate products
  • Link wheels, link farms, blog networks
  • Social media marketing
  • Telemarketing or “cold calls”

It took me many years to wrap my head around many of these things – and I’m still learning! These things above aren’t easy to do, because you never stop learning, so you get “caught up in the loop” of discovering new info, and never taking action…

It’s fully automated. And it’s actually… really FUN to use! I think you might enjoy building apps and making money by flipping them. It’s literally fail-proof, and it’s risk free! I built my first app, and published it on day 1. I love it. So that’s why I’m reviewing it for you!


FLIP THAT APP 2.0  – is helping me bypass that whole process, skipping the uncomfortable education part, and jumping ahead to the app building part.

  • I don’t know Photoshop
  • I don’t know Java, C, Python, MySQL or PHP or whatever else you need to know to build an app
  • I don’t even know if the languages above are the ones I would have to learn to build a mobile app!  😆

If you couldn’t tell… I’m a complete newb when it comes to mobile apps.What I know is this: mobile apps are HOT and trending right now. This means, I absolutely NEED to get in on the action!

Here Are The 5 Promises Of The Amazing Flip That App System

  1. You won’t need to build sites, lists, generate traffic or do SEO
  2. You won’t need to learn to code or design
  3. You will succeed within 30 days, or your money back, guaranteed
  4. Your profits must be at least 1,000%+
  5. Your starting budget must not exceed $50


You will be flipping for:

-Game apps
-Viral Video apps
-Productivity apps
-Lifestyle apps
-Niche based news apps
-Health-related apps…

You can leave all that technical,time-consuming stuff at the door. Plus, it will word seamlesslt on all smartphones and tablets
Flip That App 2.0 going to change the future of online marketing forever:

  • Build cash-generating apps in 15 minutes, publish them on all smartphones
  • Start earning ad revenues from those apps before you go to sleep today
  • When your app gets some downloads and revenue, flip jt for a profit
  • You can easily build two or three dozen apps in a
  • single weekend
  • Virtually no risk (even if you’ve never sold anything in your entire life)


Flip That App allow you to:

  1. Build an app for any niche you want (we will reveal the shortcuts to marketing research)
  2. Write killer sales pages when selling your app, so you can command top bids on your offer
  3. Try all of this risk free for 30 days and watch it work, or your money back
  4. Get people to instantly download it and install your app on their phones (no need to pay-per-install or anything shady like that)
  5. Make sure top bids are guaranteed on each of your app flipping listings
  6. No hiring & firing employees No learning how to program of design. Just a proven, hassle-free system that you will love.

Flip That App 2.0 include:

  • Unlimited Apps: Create However Many Apps As You Want, No Extra Fees
  • Publish To All App Stores: Submit To Apple, Android, Google Play, Amazon App Store
  • SYNC Content: Add New Content To Your Apps Even When They’ve Already Been Installed
  • Push Notifications: Alerts Your App Users When New Content Becomes Available
  • In-App Purchases: Sell Stuff On Mobile (No E-Commerce Or Web Dev Skills Required)
  • SDK: For Advanced Users Who Want To Build Super Complex Solutions

>>> Click HERE to see more information<<<

And video trainning, pdf manual:

–Module 1: The Business Model Explanation (Do’s & Don’ts)

This is the overview of the whole ‘cycle’ that you are going to use to earn profits

–Module 2: Market Research Explanation (How To Spot The Niche Trends In Demand)

Learn how to spot niches that will allow you to sell your app for $400, $600, or even $1,000+ each

-Module 3: Building An App (Watch My Over-The-Shoulder Video Walkthrough)

Watch how I create my app as I talk about my ‘flow’, so you can use my ideas as you follow along by replicating the step-by-step process on your screen

–Module 4: Where To Sell Your App & How To List It (How To Make Sure People Will Buy)

See me spill the beans on the secret marketplaces that command top dollar for your app listing – I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I am going to show you everything

–Module 5: Transferring The App Ownership (Contract Templates + Handling Chargebacks)

How to transfer the rights to your app over to your client, incl. fill-in-the-blank legal paperwork that will protect you from scammers and unexpected disputes

–Module 6: Automating This Whole Process (How To Create A Profitable System)

Put your earnings on ‘passive autopilot’ by properly outsourcing Modules 1-5 to a Virtual Assistant who will do all the work for you


Special, with only $ 27 It saves 66 % for you . If you are not really happy about it, 100% money-back guarantee in 60 daysMoreover, You also receive a Package bonus up to $7000 .It is only for the first 12 people to get  in my site! Less than 24 hours remain! Hurry in to secure your spot right now! 


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