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Bolt Publisher reviews

Launched on 7th October, 2016 by Sam Bakker et al, Bolt Publisher is a brand new software which helps you utilize the world’s largest social network, Facebook. Unlike other ways to get traffic from Facebook, this new software allows its users to cash in on unlimited mobile traffic and get viral shares and jaw dropping conversion rate within 24 hours at no cost. It is highly recommended for its exceptional features:

First of all, Bolt Publisher is suitable for all level skill, so you do not need to worry if you are not good at this stuff. You can completely traffic for profit without any coding experience, tech skills or paying for ads. After three simple steps, you can get huge profits from your post

Step 1: Log in to the cloud-based software
This step is as easy as logging in any other websites that you have used for ages.
Step 2: Create, edit and upload your article with the point and click editor
When you are ready, it is time for you to create your own article. You can choose a file from your computer and insert types of media such as videos, images just by clicking. The simple-to-use editor allows you to create eye-catching articles and you can edit them as many times as you want until you think they are perfect and ready to catch the attention of viewers. What would happen if you did not know how to make visitors stop to read your posts? Don’t worry, since Bolt Publisher also provides you with a step-by-step video training within minutes to guide you how to drive traffic to your content. Moreover, you can make a choice between publish your articles instantly or schedule them as you see fit. Thanks to its direct integration to Google Calendars, you can instantly see the articles you have scheduled to go live as well.
Step 3: Watch the traffic, clicks and profits pour in
After uploading your article, all you need to do is to observe the traffic and get money from it.

Secondly, it do not take you much time to go straight to the traffic since you can post your articles right away to Instant Articles, which allows them to be loaded 10X faster and shared 30% more often than other mobile web articles. However, it is very difficult, don’t want to say that it’s impossible, for you to set up the Instant Articles on your own since it takes you huge dollars and time with complicated steps you need to follow. You have to hire a developer with coding expertise and admin access to your site, have your site authorized by Facebook, and publish your content to another website first, etc.But with your access to Bolt Publisher, you can skip those problems and tap into that massive market immediately. As a result of that, you can get an instant increase in exposure to your offers and links and get more money because you can get 100% of the profits from your own ads and a huge 70% from Facebook Audience ads.

Last but not least, Bolt Publisher helps you seamlessly configure with any Facebook page with the Facebook Instant Articles API and explode your reach with Instagram and Twitter integrations. It means that you cannot only use Facebook but also other websites simultaneously. In that way, you can save time and money in developer fees with the simplest interface that exists to publish Facebook Instant Articles. Thanks to that, you can get a huge increase in organic FB traffic and reach as your posts are clicked, engaged and acted on
For those given reasons, it seems like that Bolt Publisher is a must-have software for any online marketers who want to get more money from their posts. You might still think that there isn’t such a cool and amazing tool like that exists and doubt its efficiency, but don’t hesitate to use this powerful tool because you can entirely get 100% refund within 30 days if it makes you disappointed. Let’s choose Bolt Publisher, and see how it changes the way you make money online forever.


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